1. Adjust belt tension
  2. Lubricate all moving parts, as necessary
  3. Inspect and adjust all temperature and safety controls
  4. Check refrigeration system for leaks and operation
  5. Inspect compressor oil level and crank case heaters
  6. Check head pressure, suction pressure and oil pressure
  7. Inspect air filters and replace quarterly at a minimum
  8. Motor continuity test
  9. Anodes as needed
10. Split System condenser coil cleaning
11. Check condensate drains and drain pans and clean if necessary
12. Air compressor inspection
13. Annual cooling tower cleaning
14. Replace belts and oil
15. Chiller condenser tube brushing
16. Chiller oil changes as required per oil analysis
17. Chiller adjustment and calibration of operating safety controls
18. Chiller winter inspection service, as applicable, leak testing


MMT will provide all emergency service calls, when needed, on equipment covered by this Agreement. Repair labor is not included unless cover under other terms of this Aggreement.(Repair labor includes work required to correct major problems discovered on emergency calls. Examples of repair labor include, but are not limited to, the dismantling of components, opening up the refrigeration system, evacuating and recharging of system should refrigeration system, evacuating and recharging of system should refrigerant loss accur, etc.)


Air filter replacement and/or cleaning will be provided for equipment as listed.


As an incentive to our Mechanical Maintenance of Texas customers, the hourly service call rates are reduced. For current rates, contact us.
We have rates for Corporate Accounts available. Corporate Account is a client that has at least six aggreements signed.
Our contract customers will receive a 12% discount on all service parts used to repair your equipment.
Our contract customers will receive a 10% discount on all full system replacements.

Under this Agreement we will provide maintenance services on equipment and system in accordance with the schedules, terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.